Peter Pan

Production Information

Suitable for any time of the year and aimed at middle to large sized venues. The production company may also offer opportunities for local youngsters to audition for juvenile roles as appropriate. ABD Productions have an audition and rehearsal system which generates a high level of local interest , allowing for good publicity opportunities for both the production company and the venue.

“Peter Pan”, J. M. Barrie’s classic story of exciting imagination and thrilling adventure, has been lovingly adapted for the stage by the award-winning writer of the hit musical “Her Benny”, Anne Dalton. Few stories have such a wide appeal and through Anne’s wonderful songs and magical script this enchanting tale has been brought unforgettably to life. Stunning choreography, sensational swordfights and highflying gymnastics spectacularly enhance the experience. Like its hero, Peter, the story never grows old.

The set comprises of The Darlings’ nursery, Neverland and the Home Under the Ground ( which transforms into the pirate ship in Act Two), other scenes are effected by spectacular cloths such as the Mermaids Lagoon, the sky journey to Neverland and costumes are authentic and very colourful.

The Musical 

The musical is true to J. M. Barrie’s classic story and is full of timeless magical moments with stunning choreography, memorable music and spectacular swordfights. Here we meet the usual Lost Boys, Tiger Lily and her Redskin Warriors, Hook, Smee and the pirates and delight in the transformation of spoilt Tinkerbell into Peter’s most loyal and trusted friend.

The Neverbird, a character that appears in J. M Barrie’s original story, is a pseudo dame. This nosey, know-it all female feathered friend romps through the production and gossips happily with the audience.

Children and adults alike have been entranced by the episodes not normally found in run of the mill productions. The Planet Dancers’ “When You Let Yourself Believe” number, while Peter and the Darling children are en route to Neverland, the Watersprites at the Mermaids’ Lagoon , the Flame Dancers, whose energetic performance of “Dance Power”  turns the sea to steam to help Peter to escape and the Neverland party celebrating the friendship of the Lost Boys and The Red Skins, are but a few. There is even a visit from some shy Neverland animals.

The enthusiastic response from those who have seen the new show would seem to clearly vindicate this decision. Plenty of audience participation, slapstick, chases and fights mean there is never a dull moment.