Her Benny

Anne Dalton is probably best known for her musical, “Her Benny”.

“Her Benny” was first staged at the Liverpool Empire in 1993.

Since then it has won The International Quest for New Musicals initiated by Richard Stilgoe, with a team of judges which included Cameron MacIntosh and Julian Slade.  Since then it’s gone through a series of changes, but stays true to the original storyline. Based on Silas K Hocking’s much loved, million-selling, Victorian novel, it’s become as synonymous with Liverpool as the Liver Birds and Scouse.

25th Anniversary Production

Her Benny is celebrating its 25th year Anniversary Production with a return to its birthplace… Liverpool. The fantastic and newly refurbished Royal Court theatre in Liverpool (the 2008 Capital of Culture city) will be hosting Her Benny starting on January 25th, 2017.
To celebrate this fantastic landmark, working with West-End arranger Greg Last, director and writer Anne Dalton is creating a stunningly Re-Orchestrated soundtrack and together with Award-Winning Choreographer, Nazene Danielle, working her magic, this dynamic new 25th Anniversary version will be even more sensational than the original.
To date, over 800,000 people have seen (and loved) this musical spectacular.

“Her Benny” was first staged at the Liverpool Empire in 1993. 

A production was staged at the Liverpool Empire to celebrate Liverpool’s cultural year, 2008. Since then it has been out on tour, visiting theatres including The Floral Pavilion New Brighton, Rhyl Pavilion, The Billingham Forum and the Stockport Plaza.

“Her Benny”… The Book

Written by Silas Hocking and drawn from the lives of real people he met during his ministry , the story has all the ingredients to stand the test of time.

Silas Hocking was the first author to sell over a million copies in his lifetime.

Production Information

Suitable for any time of the year and aimed at middle to large sized venues. The production company may also offer opportunities for local youngsters to audition for juvenile roles as appropriate. ABD Productions have an audition and rehearsal system which generates a high level of local interest , allowing for good publicity opportunities for both the production company and the venue.

Unashamedly sentimental… The musical is a wonderful roller-coaster of emotions. Joy, despair, sorrow, love and compassion are all there in abundance. It’s a “feel good” experience with laughter and tears and plenty of humour. Although it is based in Victorian Liverpool, it is true to the life of every city of the time.

Suitable for anyone from 6 to 106, it fits superbly into the “rags to riches” Victorian tradition.

This popular show won the International Quest for New Musicals… Launched from Buxton Opera House by Richard Stilgoe and selected from an initial submission of 491 musicals from across the world by a team of judges which included Cameron MacIntosh and Julian Slade.

It also won Anne the prestigious Theatre Personality Award in 1994. Since its first performance, it has sold out the Liverpool Empire 3 times, had rave reviews and had hugely successful runs wherever it has been produced. Venues include Southport Theatre, The Royal Court, St. Helens Theatre Royal, Southport Arts Centre, The Pavilion Theatre New Brighton, Rhyl Pavilion, Stockport Plaza and Billingham Forum to name just a few.

Audience attendance figures have reached well over 800,000 people and it looks set to continue its success story. The show has all the ingredients of excellent family entertainment: a fast moving plot, opportunities for big dance numbers, powerful chorus numbers, memorable melodies, intelligent lyrics, lively characters, humour, pathos and romance. Wonderful costumes and an easily adaptable set complete the picture. Young Benny fights poverty, crime and injustice and, against all odds, grows up to find self-respect, love and success.

Because the story is indicative of any city, regional accents don’t matter. What’s important is the warmth and naturalness of the characters and their story.